DVI Equity Partners: Accelerating Innovation.


[dis-ruhp-shuh n]


  1. A disturbance that interrupts an event, activity or process.

  2. In business, a Disruptive innovation creates a new market and value network, and eventually displaces established market-leading firms, products and alliances.

DVI Equity Partners backs innovations with the potential to disrupt marketplaces.

DVI Equity Partners supports visionary technology leaders who are keenly observant, intuitive and unstoppable. We nurture the success of entrepreneurs who have what it takes to create and grow iconic companies.

If this is you:

Unstoppable Entrepreneurs

That Challenge the Status Quo

Disruptive Innovations

That Change How Needs Are Met

A Capable Team

To Successfully Execute The Plan

We'll provide this:

A Supportive Environment

To Create Widespread Market Adoption

A Value Added Partnership

Experienced, Entrepreneurial, Well-Connected

Belief & Backing

To Propel Disruptive Innovations

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Early, Well-Known Disruptors

There’s a “Gold Rush Mentality” which always drives the most creative entrepreneurs toward market opportunities. However, in reality the most successful entrepreneurs of the California Gold Rush of 1849 were not the miners, those seeking gold, but the merchants that developed and sold goods and supplies in support of those chasing the gold.

In 1853, Levi Strauss, a Bavarian immigrant, was a dry goods wholesaler in San Francisco. In response to a gold miner’s complaint about work pants falling apart, Levi Strauss created denim work clothing with patented copper rivet technology “for men who toil.” The Levi Strauss Company continues today, with an emphasis on innovation and annual revenues in the billions.

“The Internet is like a gold rush; the only people making money are those who sell the pans.” Will Hobbs

As a venture partner, we seek to help today’s innovators who, like Levi Strauss, are ready to bring practical, positive and far-reaching change to the market.  DVI Equity Partners is committed to accelerating innovation by helping entrepreneurs remove barriers, focus disruptive technologies, refine business strategies and positioning themselves for high-impact growth and success.