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DVI Equity Partners and UAVenture Capital announce a spin-off of ED2 and FreeFall Aerospace to form a new 5G company: FreeFall 5G

DVI Equity Partners and UAVenture Capital announce a spin-off of ED2 and FreeFall Aerospace to form a new 5G company: FreeFall 5G

TUCSON, Ariz., (May 19, 2020) – DVI Equity Partners (DVIEP) and UAVenture Capital (UAVC) today announced that two of their portfolio companies, ED2 and FreeFall Aerospace, are contributing unique technology and resources to create FreeFall 5G.

FreeFall 5G plans to capitalize on the explosive growth of the 5G market through its first commercial offering, the FreeStar 5G antenna. The technology was jointly developed and first unveiled at the 2019 5G mobile World Congress.

The new FreeStar5G antenna is a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) that allows for 3D MIMO, 360° coverage, a greater range and flexibility than any 5G antenna system currently on the market. Of note, it reduces complexity and power consumption versus planar array solutions all in about the size of a laptop computer.

“Based on what we all saw as game-changing technology for 5G, it made sense to form a spin-off to operationalize the antenna” said Bob Griffin Managing Partner at DVI Equity Partners.

ED2 was DVIEP’s first Tucson-based investment. It was ED2’s implementation of the FreeFall Aerospace antenna concept that was shown at 5G Mobile World and will now be enhanced for commercial demonstration this summer.

FreeFall Aerospace was one of UAVC’s first investments in 2018. Since then, FreeFall Aerospace and has rapidly developed antenna systems designed to revolutionize communication both in space and on Earth, including an ultra-lightweight inflatable satellite antenna, steerable balloon-borne communications, and low-cost fixed and mobile ground-based systems.


“We believe this small and powerful antenna will revolutionize 5G communication,” said Fletcher McCusker, CEO and Founder of UAVenture Capital.

“We always knew that by working closely with the exceptional technical team at ED2 we could go farther, faster than we could on our own,” said Doug Stetson, CEO of FreeFall Aerospace. Sergio Cardona, CEO of ED2, added, “It’s exciting to see the progress we’ve already made together and how we are poised to revitalize the conversation on how best to address 5G challenges, particularly around antennas.”

DVIEP is the technology arm of Diamond Ventures and is based out of Tucson and Denver. UAVC is also based in Tucson and invests exclusively in University of Arizona science and technology.


About ED2:
Electronic Design and Development Corporation (ED2), founded in 2018, builds 5G infrastructure hardware for next-generation telecommunications. ED2 products include integrated 5G wireless solutions, 5G filters, and custom radio frequency electronics. Our mission is to give wireless network providers the critical and cost-effective components required for expansion and competitiveness. The company has 100+ combined years of radio frequency (RF) radio, radar, software, and wireless systems experience.


About FreeFall Aerospace:
FreeFall is developing revolutionary new antenna technology for ground, air, and space. Their innovative spherical antennas are drawing interest from a wide variety of commercial and government organizations, offering a wide field of view, electronic steering, and low mass to dramatically simplify and improve satellite communications.

About UAVC:
Formed in 2017 to invest exclusively in University of Arizona led technology, products and science, UA Venture Capital (UAVC) is an early-stage investment fund designed to advance and commercialize U of A led inventions. UAVC and the U of A partner with faculty, students and alumni to bring to market new technologies that will advance communication, science, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, sustainability, software and engineering industries.
About DVI:
DVI Equity Partners LLC (DVI) was founded in the spring of 2018 with a singular mission of investing in growth stage companies that have a unique market differentiation, look to be disruptive and have established market share or a leadership position in their competitive landscape. We search for businesses led by capable and seasoned management teams with a clear understanding of their market and a strong product fit.






Features of the FreeStar5G Distributed Antenna System (DAS) include:

  • 3D MIMO 360°coverage from a system the size of a laptop;
  • Reduces complexity and power consumption versus planar array solutions
  • Supports vertical and horizontal ultra-fast (nanoseconds speeds) beam steerability
  • Provides instantaneous 20 Degree coverage in a direction
  • Supports 8 simultaneous small base stations at a fraction of the power consumption of typical planar array systems
  • Customizable single-user MIMO (SU-MIMO) and multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) using an intelligent switching matrix
  • Multi-beam operation per user, allowing for exploitation of MIMO multiplexing and diversity gains through LOS and NLOS (reflective) paths
  • Cableless assembly with over 500 individual mmW RF connections with NO cables
  • Ideal for mobile 5G services, including tracking vehicular users
  • Ideal for dense environments in fixed locations




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